Dr. Bhavyadeep

(Astrologer & Depression Coach)

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"Every day just add one skill to your character & Stay in present - Success is sure.

Dr. Bhavyadeep Bhatia

Hereby, we introduce Dr. Bhavyadeep Bhatia to the world as an Astrologer, Spiritual Healer, Corporate trainer, Social Activist, Writer, Child Counsellor, a man who can bring change to any life by the virtue of 36 years of EXPERIENCING life.

His vision is to bring change because running water never gets staled. People often says human nature does not change. Agreed! But what about character, thoughts & thought process, personality, level of energies, aura etc etc.

Message from Dr. Bhavyadeep Bhatia

At very humble node I welcome everyone to my universe. My past was a roller coaster ride of experiences, but believe me tough time I faced was my greatest teacher. To make it happen was not easy, only consistent efforts helped me to accelerate in life; which stands true for each one of us.

Actually we all are searching permanent solutions in temporary life. From my point of view our focus should be our soul, ultimately when "Rest in peace" is the ultimate goal of life.

Based on my awakening hereby I encourage you all to become awaken and follow the path where your soul can feel "calm and composed". In my entire life journey I have always focused on the tools which can help humanity to reach to its best.

Let's begin this humble journey to understand life closely with the tools like Astrology, Cosmos Vastu shastra and meditation. Ultimately we have to realize one thing "We take birth alone , we will die alone" what matters is awakening of our soul.

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