Our Clients

  1. Mrs Saroj Chugh (69 years)Housewife

    After the death of my husband I was in mental trauma. It seems nothing was left for me in this life. But one day my son, Vikas ordered this product after reading its benefits on online portal of the product. Things changed completely for our family as Vastu Shree Plus is a negative energy killer and helped me to get a smile of satisfaction on my face.

  2. Mr. Ravi Kumar (70 years) Cement DealerBusinessman

    Our shop and factory business were going down day. One of my old friends suggested me to use "Vastu Shree Plus" and told me that it is a negative energy killer. When I used it, I found that within 3 months we started gaining back our business momentum and I was full of hopes and positive energies. Thanks to Vastu Shree Plus.

  3. Mr. Gurdev Grover (66 years)Businessman

    I was completely helpless at this age as my business was declining. My daughter suggested me to take advise of a vastu consultant. The vastu expert told us that due to poor vastu of our shop our business was suffering and he suggested me to use Vastu Shree Plus daily while moping the floor. Currently I am stable in my business and gradually progressing also.

  4. Gitika Singh (29 years)Housewife

    One day, a close friend of my husband visited our house and told us that my husband's business was suffering because of negative energies. He was Vastu expert and told us that our house was constructed almost 90% wrong as per vastu. but when we were struggling One day my old school friend met me and I told her my situation and also that we had no money to renovate our house. She recommended me to try this product. I am happy I listened to her and started using Vastu Shree Plus. Now there is no looking back in our life. By God's grace our business is flourishing and we all have gained back our mental peace

  5. Mr. Kartik Midha (21 years)Student of IT

    Continuous pressure of studies and Expectations of my parents plunged me into depression. I was facing anxiety, low confidence and suffered a lot due to my negative or defeated mindset. then my father took me to his psychologist friend and he suggested us Vastu Shree Plus to get rid of negative energies I was surrounded with at my home. Finally, I am back to Life with bang on positive energies. Thanks to this magical floor cleaner.

  6. Mrs. Nidhi (38 years)School teacher

    I was completely disturbed due to my health issues, anxiety and depression. I was not even aware that why is it happening with me. Then my husband eventually when he was scrawling Flipkart, he saw Vastu Shree Plus, he read its benefits and ordered one box for us. but I am surprised to see the positive effects of this product that how suddenly things turned around and today I need no doctor for me. Since then I am regularly using Vastu Shree Plus and enjoying my life.

  7. Pinki kukkar (63 years)Housewife

    My daughter-in-law ordered this product online. I was in depression from last 3 years due to my health problems. but after regular use of vastu Shree Plus at our home it seems that I am back to my normal life my health is improving day by day and I feel much better now. by adding just two spoons of this magic powder of this magic floor cleaner I have seen a lot of changes in me and my family.

  8. Mrs. Renu Arora (31years)Housewife

    I was in complete mess about my relationship with my husband. But Vastu Shree Plus is a powerful positive energy booster, as it has helped us to come out of that depressed environment of our home. And it has a lovely sweet fragrance which spreads in the whole house while mopping the floor. yes, I can confidently recommend this product as it brings back smile on her face.